Saturday, July 26, 2008


If you sang along with the Bay City Rollers like I did, then you are alright.
I decided if I am going to have a blog, then we have to do exciting things. Blogging about last night's episode of re-run Law & Order, although a favorite show of mine, doesn't make for exciting reading. So for our first adventure, we went bowling. Nothing says Saturday Night Date Night like wearing shoes that perhaps hundreds of other people have worn, putting your fingers inside a sweaty ball made of urethane and hefting said ball down an alley hoping to knock over tall Weeble-Wobbles. So, of course it was romantic!

We had two choices of alleys an equal distance from our home. One in the ghetto (across the street from Targhetto) or a newer one that we tried last year. We waited for a lane for 3 hours and ended up going home last time. So this year we opted for the ghetto-bowl.
It has been YEARS since I last bowled (Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down had just been released), so I wasn't quite in my prime. Darrell had just bowled about 6 weeks ago for a work bowl-a-thon, so he definitely had an unfair advantage.
In our first game, Darrell was the undisputed winner. He scored a 128 to my 80. Game two was almost the same--Darrell 115, Stephanie 81. Game three was a little better at 138 to 109. We even were tied at one point. Actually, there was a point in game one that I was leading. I guess I shouldn't have gloated!
We finished in about 90 minutes and decided next time to take more people. We contemplated trying Xtreme Bowling next time, but since Darrell isn't quite as much of a night person that I am, that was nixed.
Darrell got 5 strikes to my 2; 7 spares to my 3; 11 gutters to my 12.
All in all, a good time was had by all.

Check back next week for further i-lund living adventures!


Anonymous said...

You and Darrell should really think about writing a book. You both make me laugh so much. Nice blog, it's always interesting to get into the minds of our friends! :-)


Emily said...

Hey! This is new! And cute. :) Now we can obsess over each other's lives. ;) haha

Emily said...

I tagged you on my blog.