Sunday, October 24, 2010

Am I bigger?

Or is everything getter smaller?

A half gallon of ice cream is now only 1.5 quarts.  If anyone was going to notice that one, it's me.  I used to eat ice cream two or more times a day.  That was back in my teen age years when I was as thin as a rail and thought I was ginormous.  Maybe I should start thinking that way again.

The toilet paper rolls are shorter.  They have the same number of sheets, but the rolls fit so easily on the TP holders.  Remember when you had to squish the roll to get it on there?  No more.

Five pound sugar bags are now four pound sugar bags.  I was at the store looking for the five pound bags, which don't exist, and kept seeing the small bags and the big bags, but not the medium bags.  

Women's clothing.  I have worn the same size for several years, even though I can't wear the clothes in the same size from a couple of years ago.  Do they really think we are stupid?  Ok, we aren't stupid, just vain.

I know why retailers do this.  They want to trick us.  Either get less than we used to for the same price or feel "good" about ourselves since we "still" fit in the size we love.  But seriously, are they really tricking anyone?

I would rather pay a little more and get the same amount I used to get. 

Now, I have to buy two of something to get the amount needed for a recipe.  And I have too much. 

Or, even worse, I have to do hard math to figure out how to cut every other ingredient back by the same percentage.  That hasn't worked well for me yet.

Clearly women's clothing is smaller than it used to.  Size 2 was the smallest less than 20 years ago.  Now there is a triple zero.  REALLY?  What next, negative numbers?  Or worse yet, IMAGINARY numbers?

Just be honest with me.  Is that too much to ask?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's possible I won't sleep well tonight

Look what I found just before going to bed tonight....

Yeah.  It's a super creepy scorpion.

I now think that the bed is full of them and I won't get to sleep for hours.

I captured it in a glass (one of the only things they can't climb).

I researched on the internet the best way to kill them.

Apparently stepping on them and squishing while turning your foot is the best.

But not when you are wearing flip flops.

I chose to flush it down the toilet.