Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I have grown up cooties!

Yep. You read me right. I have cooties.

I got a cold over the weekend and Darrell wants nothing to do with me.

I'm quite contagious and he is quite paranoid.

He has been sleeping in the guest room so that he doesn't catch what I have.

But not tonight. The light from the street light keeps him up.

So he decided that sleeping with a sick-cootie-filled-room is better than not sleeping in a filtered-light-filled-room.


Anonymous said...

See, thats the beauty of a blog....I can keep up on your life but stay clear of the cooties.

Diana said...

Yeah, that happened to me one time and I felt what it was like to be single. Tell Darrell, wait till your kid throws up on you.

Lucinda said...

The big baby! Were he and Alan raised by the same woman??

Evon said...

Did you have those cooties when you came over on Haloween night?