Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What's a girl to do?

I have this Friday off of work. You read that right! I don't have to work. Yippee!

Now, here is my big problem....

What should I do?

I have a ton of things on my to do list. Ok, I don't really have a to do list--it tends to get me overwhelmed if I do.

But, there are so many things I would LOVE to do Friday.

Here's a sampling:

  1. Sew--I still have to finish a couple of Christmas presents (and I mean Christmas '08).
  2. Go to the gym--I hate going, but once I'm there, I love it.
  3. Clean the house--like a deep Spring clean--there's something really nice about having a clean house. If only it would clean itself.
  4. Go shoe shopping--I really want and need a new pair of shoes. Or more.
  5. Finish my paperwork for our taxes--UGH!
  6. Spend some time with the girls--pretty much any of them.
  7. Re-decorate the house--Ok. That one isn't something I can do, but I'd love it if I could! A girl can dream!
  8. Spend the day at my in-home spa--Pedicure, hot tub, reading, lunching (I love using that verb), primping.
  9. Hours online--Let's be realistic!
So, what do you think I should do? What would you do with a day to yourself?


Diana said...

Well, being that Imelda Marcos is my hero, nothing holds a candle to shoes. I say, "It's Easter" you only get to buy those easter shoes once a year. (I knew you and I had a thing going.) Make sure you take a picture and post it. tee hee

Racer said...

I say sleep in...and see what kind of mood you are in when you wake up. It's a holiday so you don't have to have a set schedule. Set schedules are for non-holidays!

Racer said...

ok this is evon and I don't know how I left comments under Rachel's log in?!?!!?

Emily said...

Oh, to have a day off! :)

I find that days off from work are best spent playing. Save the cleaning for another day. Or at least spend the first half cleaning, and the rest of the day playing.

The Ingermansons said...

Hey, the spring cleaning things happens in June--for your b'day--remember? Skip that one a do something else. It's too late for me to vote anyway because I am reading this the next week.