Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Overheard at the Taco Bell

Darrell and I decided to go to Taco Bell for dinner tonight (surprise, surprise).

When we arrived at the drive-thru, there were something crazy, like four cars in front of us, and the line was.not.moving.

We decided to dine in.  For two reasons: A-It would be a little more romantical; and 2-It had the possibility of being faster.

We park and walk in.  Good news for us...only one person in line in front of us.  This should be easy.


The lady in front of us has a huge paper bag--you know, the kind with handles that so many of the mall shops give out when you buy thirteen items.

She is ranting and raving that she went through the drive-thru and lo and behold, the Taco Bell employees got her order wrong.  Again.

Now, at this point, I wanted to speak up and give her an "Aye" or "Amen, sister!" since just about every time we go through the Taco Bell drive-thru, we are shorted some item.

But, as I listened closer, she was going off about how she asked for extra sauce packets and she only got 5.

Oh the horror!  The outrage!

Yes.  She went through the drive-thru, drove all the way home, sat down to eat (apparently after throwing away the bag her food came in), discovered she didn't have an excessive amount of hot sauce, found a bag from a recent-ish shopping trip, climbed in her car, drove BACK to the Taco Bell, got out of the car, and asked for a manager, all so she could complain she didn't have enough hot sauce.


Like you don't have a drawer full of it from any of your previous trips through the drive-thru?

I don't know about you, but I always end up with WAY more sauce than is needed.

So the kind Taco Bell manager explains that if she wants an enormous amount of hot sauce, she needs to ask for more.

To which crazy sauce lady replies, "Just last week we went to McDonald's and got the 50 pack of Chicken McNuggets [which, BTW--I didn't know adults ate those!] and they would only give us 4 packs of sauce."  Apparently someone needs a sauce intervention.

The TB manager then apologizes profusely and re-makes her entire order (drink included) and gives her a bag with no-lie 75 sauce packets.

Crazy sauce lady then tells TB manager that she doesn't need that many.  She only needs enough for her food that night.

Well, all I'm saying is that maybe if you kept a little extra around the house, you wouldn't have to make a scene at the Taco Bell about not having enough sauce.


Jamie said...

hilarious. i am glad you posted this because crazy is universal and it reminded me to blog storeis like this because even though they are common, they never stop being funny.

i was also wondering, is the slowness of burger king universal, too? we don't eat there that often, but Rich and i are constantly amazed at the slowness--no matter where you go, mind you: tucson, billings, san diego, munich--slow as freaking molassses. as if they are butchering the cow as soon as you place your order.

Emily said...

Hooray to the manager for being ridiculously passive-aggressive with the 75 packets!

Evon said...

lol....we need to thank crazy lady, if it wasn't for her you would not have had this post and I would not have had a good laugh!

Ginger said...

Another great post by Stephanie!

Allison Nelson said...

Steph, your blog posts never disappoint. Thanks for all of the laughs; love your perspective on life. BTW, a little confession: I used to snag MANY sauce packets and keep them in a drawer at home so that when I made homemade burritos they'd taste yummier. A little mix-in w/ the beans, ya know... there are not that many Taco Bells in NYC, otherwise I'd still be living my life of sauce theft.

Just Pam said...

OK, Stephanie lives by her motto---she has at least 100 packets of tb hot sauce in a drawer at home!!! She needs to teach a RS class on drive-thru survival. She is the QUEEN:)

Aunt Spicy said...

oh gosh...really? I just dont have enough time. or energy. no way would I have gone back.

but now I am craving taco bell.

Jamie said...

Steph, keep hoarding those packets of your favorite condiments (seal them in 5 gallone buckets!) because I tell you, someday they will be more valuable than gold! People are so diligent about their wheat and oil and dry milk and rice, but the real winners--the people who will rule the post-apocalyptic world--are the ones with the condiments and the toilet paper! (and the 5 gallon bucket of chocolate candies like us:))