Friday, September 3, 2010

What kind of geek are you?

There are gleeks.  I sorta fall into that category.

There are computer geeks.  I SOOOO don't fall into that category.  There are two IT guys at work that I single-handedly keep employed.  I have nearly run out of memory on my computer (which is the third one I have had in less than two and a half years of employment there).  I have files on my computer that need to be transferred to the server.  But they are so big that the server would crash if they were transferred.  I know it SOUNDS like I know what I'm talking about, but I don't.  Because....

I am also the geek that can remember things that I am told.  Unless it is important.  I have about forty years of useless information stored in my cabeza.  I remember that William Harvey was the first physician to accurately describe the circulation system and properties of blood (thank you college science--twenty-two years ago!).  But I cannot for the life of me remember to charge my cell phone every night.

I am not a comic book geek.  I just.don't.get.them.

I'm not a science geek.  Even though I remember the whole "Harvey thing," I really don't care about science.  The last science class I took in college was Astronomy.  You're thinking, "That sounds like a cool class...looking at stars through telescopes."  That's what I thought.  Nope.  Tons of math.  I didn't get it.  I dropped the class the day of the final.  I probably had a 3% in the class.  Definitely NOT a science geek.

I'm not a technology geek.  I don't have to have the latest gadget.  I've had my cell phone for over two years, even though I was eligible for an upgrade more than a year ago.  I choose my phone based solely on its ability to have "Charlie's Angels" as a ring tone.  And I can't remember how to use most of the 5,627 functions my phone has.

I'm not a math geek.  If you were to look at my report card from 11th grade, you would think I was a math geek.  I took Algebra II that year.  And had a 113% in the class.  But it was the second time I took the class.  I thought I liked math and wanted to take it all four years of high school.  I switched high schools between my sophomore and junior years and there were different math tracks.  I had to retake Algebra II to take Trigonometry.  So I more than aced Algebra II the second time.  Not so much the first time.

I'm not a music geek.  I like many genres and am not tied to only one style of music.  I like music that is old and music that is new.  I think that a music geek isn't so much the person who is really "into" music as much as the person who is only "into" one type of music.  That's not me.

I'm a map and navigator geek.  I love looking at maps, charting the course, being the direction-giver.  I hate mapquest and other web-based navigation systems.  I've been misled too many times.  I do, however, like GPS.  I especially like teasing the GPS lady (have you noticed they are always ladies?  The ONLY ladies that men will ask for directions?).  I will purposely turn the wrong way, just so the GPS lady can tell me to turn around.  I like to keep her on her toes.  When I was eight, I was pretty pleased that I could navigate my entire family, including grandparents and uncle, from our house in North Little Rock, Arkansas, to the Arkansas Territorial Capital--eight miles away (it SOOO seemed further)--a couple of months after attending the museum on a school field trip.  Yep.  I'm.that.good.

I'm a grammar geek.  But don't get me wrong...I'm no professional.  I'm merely an amateur grammar geek.  I do it for fun.  At work, I'm required to write legal reports.  I try my best to be a grammar geek, but I truly leave it to the professionals. Seriously.  We have editors whose sole job is to read reports from me and my co-workers to ensure we have used grammar correctly.  And so, as an amateur, semi-professional grammar geek,


Ginger said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post, but what makes that different from any other one's? :)

Breanna said...

This post was quite funny! I am definitely a navigational geek - I always know where North is. I'm a science geek - I'm a Geology major. I'm not a technological geek - can't tell you how to fix a computer but I'm an old pro at asking others. I'm an email geek - I know all the functions to my email because I send out many emails for my job. It's kind of crazy. :)