Monday, September 5, 2011


After years of blogging--admittedly, it has been rather sporadic and lame, especially as of late--I am happy to announce a giveaway!

The winner will receive the rights to my debt.  All of it.  My mortgage, car payment, credit cards, and (while we're at it) my monthly bills, like groceries, utilities, and my shopping sprees.  And by "rights," I mean "responsibility for paying."

The bad news is that it is way less than the national debt.  The good news is that I can make arrangements for it to last your lifetime. 

Here are all the rules of the giveaway:
Unlike all those other giveaways you are familiar with that have all sorts of questions to answer, or buttons you have to add to your blog, or Twitter/Facebook tag lines like "Oh my gosh!  I just entered the best giveaway in the world and you should too!  Just click here to enter.", all you have to do is nothing.  Yep, that's right!  Nothing.

'Cause here's the deal.  I have a special tracker that lets me know who reads my blog, including their name, shoe size, and cell phone number--even if you use a reader and don't actually read from my URL.  So, everyone who comes to my blog and doesn't leave a comment will be entered into the giveaway. 

Now, if for some crazy reason, you decide you don't want to win this glorious giveaway, just leave me a comment.

Thanks for entering!

Fine print:  I don't REALLY have a "special tracker" or know your shoe size, but I would really like to hear from my readers (assuming there are any :) ).


Just Pam said...

You are a HOOT!!
Now for my little funny--it is 6:30 AM on Monday and I sign in on the reader to check posts. I see there is one from you. Excitement builds. I then notice the date you posted--TODAY!!! WOW, you are up early and posting. But, reality hits and I realize you were up AFTER midnight!! I came to that conclusion, even before I looked at the time you posted. Gotta check that out now.
Keep on posting. I have missed reading your funnies. You and Emily write my favorite blogs. I guess I am a little prejudice but you guys are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Holy kill me. I choked on my water when I started reading this. ;)

Michelle said...

Me, me, me!!! Please don't pick me to win your gieaway!!! I totally don't need it at all!!! :)

Ginger said...

Well then, since you know my shoe size, I expect a pretty new pair on my doorstep any day. And you can add the cost to your giveaway!