Thursday, February 21, 2013

3 Months

I'm trying rather unsuccessfully to catch up on this here blog.  I'm pretty sure that will never happen, so I am just going to try to stay up-to-date and maybe someday I will be able to back track and fill in some blanks.  But really...who am I kidding?

Yesterday, Harper and Drew were 3 months old.  It's really hard to believe so much time has passed since they joined our family.  However, it's harder to believe that they haven't been with us forever. 

I'm trying to document their growth and changes by taking photos each month.  I'm not much of a photographer (one day, my sister Emily will have to teach me how she does it).

For their 3 month old photo shoot, I had them sit up in the recliner we bought so we could rock, and rock, and rock them to sleep.  This was the first time I had sat them up (other than just sitting them on my lap).  Unfortunately for the photos, they were way too impressed with themselves and the fact they each have a right arm to get photos that are any kind of good.

Here is the best I could do with them not obsessing over their arms:

Then, I had them pose with the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls my Grandmama (their Nana) gave them for Christmas.  I started this last month and will continue to do it to show how big they get each month.  I had them lay down so they could stretch out and show off their lengths.  Of course, that is one of the least flattering ways to take a photo of a person.  I mean, think about it.  Who wants gravity to work its "magic" on their body for photos?

Some fun things they have started doing in the last month or so:
Harper is trying super hard to blow raspberries.  I've been blowing them for her for a couple of months and she has figured out that she needs to stick out her tongue and blow.  She's pretty close to successful.  I can't wait for her to finally get it since I'm sure she will freak herself out.
Drew loves to chatter and loves it even more when I chatter back.  I "Oooh" and "Aaaa" at him and he will do it back.
They both giggle.  But not that SUPER cute baby giggle.  It's the heh-heh giggle.  But I love it anyway.
They pretty much sleep through the night most nights.  On the nights they don't, they wake up around 5 am, eat, and then go back to sleep pretty easily.
They sleep in the same crib still and I use their crib to change their clothes and prepare for diaper changes.  When they are laying in the crib, Drew just stares at Harper as if she is the greatest thing in the world.  He really thinks her ear is amazing.  They tend to end up holding hands a lot.  This is how I found them in their crib yesterday morning (keep in mind I am an awful artist.  Drew is the baby swaddled in blue and Harper is in pink; however, the scale is completely wrong since Drew is truly the larger of the two and his head was really WAY closer to her head than the drawing portrays):

When they are being fed, they are so different from each other.  Drew just stares up into the eyes of his feeder with a look that says, "I love you so much."  Harper has to check out everything in the entire room.  Keeping the bottle in her mouth is nearly impossible.
They really despise tummy time and either cry or whimper the entire time I force them to do it. 

Darrell and I are both so loving these little babies and are so blessed to have them in our lives.  Sometimes it still seems their real parents will come by and take them home.  Hopefully that won't happen.  Or at least not til they are 13!

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Emily said...

That first picture of Drew is hilarious! Also, he is the perfect blend of the two of you.

Love these babies a lot. <3