Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dear old lady at the Chick-fil-a,

Thank you so much for the crusty eye you gave me the other day.  I didn't realize that my crying baby could possibly distract someone from reading the nutritional information.  Thank you for overlooking the fact that I was actively trying everything I could think of to calm him down.  When you continually scowled at me it made me feel so much better about finally going out to eat with friends I haven't seen for years (literally).  Had I known that one of my two babies (who, by the way, had been super calm and happy for the first 75 minutes we were there) would distract you in the family seating know...the one RIGHT next to the children's play area...I would have sat in the "Adult Dining Room."  Or better yet, I would have gone to a restaurant that doesn't cater to children.  I'm sorry that for the less than 5 minutes that he was grumpy all you could do was look at me with disgust instead of realizing that a seven month old can't say, "Mom, I'm having a hard time."  I guess next time we go out (which may not be for awhile since this is only the 4th time we have eaten at a restaurant as a family since the birth of our twins) we will be sure to provide all the other restaurant patrons with earplugs.  Or maybe I'll just remind the annoyed that they were babies once upon a time and they should give me a break.  Because at least I'm not THAT mom who just allows her kids to kick and scream and rant and rave endlessly while sipping another glass of Chardonnay.

With much appreciation,

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