Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How I saved $41.96

Me, "We need to go to the grocery store tonight."
Darrell, "Why?"
Me, "They have a great sale on hamburger."
"Do we need hamburger?"
"We can freeze it."

Just before going to the store I sort the mail. We got a coupon pack in the mail, so I look to see if there is anything good. There never is, so I'm just doing my part to look like I save money. But this time, there's coupons for $1 off two jars of PB. I AM getting a little low on PB. And there's a coupon for those soft pretzels in the freezer, and we will have just enough room in the packed freezer for the hamburger and pretzels. So we leave. With the coupons.

Darrell, "Should we get a basket?"
Me, "Yeah, I guess so."

Keep in mind, we go to the store to get hamburger and now 2 jars of PB and 1 box of frozen pretzels.

Here is what we bought:
4 2-pound "logs" of hamburger (Darrell, "Why do we need so many?" Stephanie, "It's a good price.")
Creamy PB
Chunky PB
Blackberries (Darrell, "Do you promise to eat this fruit? You never eat the fruit." Stephanie, "Yes. I promise." Let's see if I keep this promise.)
2 Axe shower gels (Darrell, "Which scent should I get?" Stephanie, "Get them both, it's on sale.")
4 boxes of Fiber One bars (Darrell, "You better buy them--they're on sale.")
Williams-Sonoma cookbook on Soups, Salads and Starters (Darrell, "Why do you need that?" Stephanie, "Don't you see a book you like?" Darrell, "Let's get out of here before we find more stuff.")

So, our little trip to buy hamburger saved us $41.96. Nevermind that we spent $79.87.


Emily said...

Really, though. That's a lot of money saved!

Stephanie :) said...

I know. It reminds me of your post. I really do think I'm in Vegas, winning the big jackpot slot machine when I get savings like that! But I don't almost pee my pants.

Mom/Pam said...

My goal in life is to save more than I spend on any trip to the store. It has happened only a handful of times in my hundreds of trips to the store!