Monday, February 9, 2009

My First Recent Attempt at Creative, Industrious, and Crafty

I actually was able to be creative and crafty. I wouldn't say industrious, because to me, that implies that I re-tooled something. On second thought, I sort of did re-tool something!

That make me Creative!

Here it is:

I bought a quarter of a yard lengths of 10 different fabrics and 3 spools of cheap ribbon at Joann's. I tore them into strips ranging from 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches wide. The ribbon was cut into 9 inch lengths. I took a clothes hanger (re-tooled!) and formed a circle. I then took my strips and ribbon and tied them on the hanger (only the first half of a square knot). I squished the fabric on really tight and used just over half of the fabric. I think I will use the leftovers for a garland or two.

I plan on making Fourth of July, Halloween, and Christmas wreaths since they are so easy. I spent $16.

Keep looking for other Creative, Industrious, and Crafty postings. I've started another project and have another one to post about. I'm just crazy! :)


Lucinda said...

Bravo! If it turns up missing don't come visit me for a while.... I mean I made one just like that!!

Emily said...

Cute! It reminds me of movies where little girls have rag curls or whatever they're called.

Ginger said...

I'm very impressed!

Annell said...

I love those! I made a bunch of Christmas ones last year. So easy, even my kiddo's made their own. One of my college roomies told me that I needed to make a garland with twine and tied with cute ribbon and fabric.

The Ingermansons said...

WOW--you started a project AND finished it, the same year! You are awesome. It is really cute!

Anonymous said...

You are so Crafty, Industrious, Creative and Inspiring....Now I want to try!