Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Seven Random Things

My friend, Ginger, tagged me in her 7 Random Things (I linked to her blog to get her back) and I decided that I would respond. She flattered me and said she tagged me because I make her laugh. Gosh, I hope I'm the Stephanie she was talking about. How embarrassing if I'm not (just pretend you were talking about me, Ginger!).

1-I am trying to get 100 posts on my blog by my birthday. I've got a long way to go, so the good news for you is that there should be something to read every couple of days.

2-About 9 years ago, I bought a little shredder for my junk mail. I loved that shredder! I actually loved all shredders. Whenever I went to the office supply stores, I would play with the shredders. I would have races with them to see which one was the fastest. I would see which one could shred the most pieces of paper at the same time. I probably jammed a bunch of shredders. I now just let my junk mail pile up until Darrell burns it in our chimnea. The novelty of the shredder has worn off.

3-Speaking of teasing things at the store...whenever I go to pet stores, I tease the fish. I hit the glass on the fish tanks so I can watch the fish scatter. It reminds me of fireworks.

4-I had a fish about 12 years ago. It was a red beta fish named Lucy (after Lucifer, but I told everyone it was after Lucille Ball!). I moved to the Phoenix metro area just before Labor Day 1996. My roommate and I went on a road trip to Utah for the Labor Day Weekend. I didn't know anyone who could take care of my fish while I was out of town, so I took it with me. (Keep in mind that I was gone for 3 days. I regularly went 7 or more days between feedings, so why I thought I had to take the fish is still a mystery!). I put the fish in a mason jar and held the stupid thing the whole way up. Oh, did I mention that my roommate's car did not have air conditioning. The water kept getting hot, so we would make pit stops and I would dump out half of the water and add cold water, so the poor fish didn't boil. Half way home, I realized I left the fish at my former mission companion's house where I stayed for the weekend. She gave Lucy to her sister.

5-I LOVE games! When I win! And I ALWAYS win. Or at least in my mind. I even won the last time I played Risk--and I HATE Risk. Thanks Seth, Evon, and Alex!

6-I have a pile of unfinished Relief Society Super Saturday crafts in the office in our house. I still need help finishing the Uncle Sam from 2 years ago. And I REALLY need help with the crafts that I started a month before I got married--in 2004.

7-And speaking of unfinished crafts....the craft that took me the longest to finish is the "I Love My Dog" cross stitch my mom got me when I was 6. I finished the cross stitch right before I turned 18. I didn't get it framed until about 2006. Yes, it took 30 years, but it's finished! Here is a crappy scan of it:

And now the fun part....who I am going to tag. I say, if you want to do it, do it. If not, just make a comment below!

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Ginger said...

Yes, you were the Stephanie I tagged and you did it so quickly! Thanks for the chuckle!