Friday, June 5, 2009

It's my brother's birthday!

Crap! I forgot to call him....hopefully this will make up for that! Plus, I intend to call him tomorrow so that his birthday lasts longer.

I have honestly been thinking of Todd all week...trying to not forget his birthday. And all day as I wrote the date (a bijillion times at work), I thought, "I need to make sure to call Todd." Well, we all know how the best laid plans work out....

I was almost five when Todd was born. I remember that he was about 10 days overdue. When you are nearly five years old and your brother is ten days overdue, it's pretty traumatic...he is supposed to appear and be your good friend right away. I'm sure my mom REALLY was wanting Todd to make his appearance. I say that he wanted to share his birthday month with me.

I still remember what I wore the day we went to pick Todd up at the hospital. Yep, that's the outfit. It was a hand-me-down from a neighbor girl and I thought it was marvelous!

Jennilyn (my just-younger-than-me-sister) and I really were happy to have a brother. We got to boss him around and play the mom!

But he was a good sport. I remember thinking that his hair grew so fast. My dad usually cut Todd's hair in the back yard. I thought that was so cool...I always had to go to the hair dresser's to get MY hair cut.

He was the biggest of my mom's five kids. He weighed in at 9 pounds and some large amount of ounces. Look how chubby he was! Man, I wish people thought my fat thighs and double chin are as cute as his!

Unfortunately for him, he grew up in a family of four sisters and one brother--him. But he was a good sport. And he would let us dress him up in our dress-ups (and we had LOTS!), including hats, make-up, hair-dos, and fur stoles.

Or sometimes, he was the Easter bunny.

Just look at how well he cleaned up, though.

He has always been able to make anything. He spent hours and hours building huge Lego constructions. He built dioramas that would shame most museums. He won numerous awards for his art projects--from elementary school through high school. He made jewelry, silk screens, silk screen machines. Pretty much anything he wanted. And sometimes, it was edible--like the little man seen here.

Yep! That's an apple man, with kiwi skin for hair, clove eyes, and apple peel lips.

And now, he is the owner of his own custom-made bike shop. You should check out his website. But be prepared to be amazed.

Plus, Todd's girlfriend Jen is an equally amazing woman! Not only does she put up with Todd :) but she also keeps up with him. They have traveled to some exotic and not-so-exotic places and done things most people would only dream of.

I'm glad Todd is my brother! Happy Birthday Todd! I love you tons!


Just Pam said...

Great job, Steph!

Emily said...

I can't get over the cuteness of the "before" picture. It makes me laugh everytime!

Ginger said...

Stephanie, you are such a nice big sister! I love the apple man, too funny!