Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My 10 Newest Guilty Pleasures

Peanut butter Hershey kisses. They are a little piece of heaven in foil.

Going to a restaurant on Halloween night. No lines and no trick-or-treaters.

FlashForward. Each episode leaves me wishing for a two-hour episode.

Irish butter. Just when you thought butter couldn't possibly taste any better, it does. I could spend hours just playing around with photos. Ok, not only could I, but I do!

Only half-way done..... Let's see, what else?

Garlic and herb havarti. I just finished the last bit a couple of days ago. I guess I need to get some more. Shucks!

Cake wrecks. I can't believe some of the cakes that are out there. Hours of fun can be had by everyone.

Mentholatum. Ok...not necessarily a new one, but every fall I use it to keep my lips from cracking and falling off. I love the stuff!

World Market. Again, not new, but if I had a free 10-minute shopping spree in that store, I could do some serious damage to its inventory.

Watching this:
I especially love the dog reading a book while wearing glasses.

What are your guilty pleasures?


Ginger said...

I am a Flash Forward fan as well. I have to watch it online though because it is on too early when kids are still up.

Just Pam said...

Are you picniking those wedding photos????????

Evon said...

1.FlashForward (love it!)
2.Peppermint Bark (new pleasure)
3.Being alone in my house
4.My Ugg slippers
5.All kinds of cheese