Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Wow! I can't believe this month is nearly half over. Why does time go so fast now?

I figured I need to make a little list of my Thanksgiving dinner plans, and this is as good a place as any.

We (and I do mean Darrell and I) will make the following:
Smoked turkey breast
Smoked turkey leg (Darrell's dad will be visiting and only likes dark meat and we only like white meat)
Cornbread stuffing (all from scratch)
Mashed potatoes (with lots of butter and some lumps--so you can tell they are real)
Candied sweet potatoes (no marshmallows on these)
Green beans with shallots
Rolls (probably Mrs. Rhodes', but I may surprise myself)
Pretzel salad ('cause it's so dang delicious!)
Pumpkin pie (with caramel whipped cream)
And maybe another pie (I'm the only one who eats dessert in our household, so I only plan to do this if we share dessert with friends)

And we will be purchasing Irish butter since it is so much more delicious than the regular kind. You wouldn't think it makes such a difference, but it does.

Oh, I'm hungry just thinking about all this good food.


Annell said...

Ok, so I need your recipe for Pretzel salad and where do I find Irish Butter? You know what, go ahead and send me your cornbread stuffing recipe too. I made it last year and loved it, but I felt like it was too crumbly. You are the best in the west!...oh and why are you blogging at midnight? Get some rest, lady!

Anonymous said...

You can't blog about food! That is so not make me think about jumping up right now and going grocery shopping! I have too much to do! ;) Like catch up on blogs!

Ginger said...

Mmmm,mmmm, good!

Aunt Spicy said...

I so love the pretzel salad! Well I love any dessert than can be called a salad!

ps. I could not find an email address for you...I am going to fiind tat perfume this weekend and test it out, thanks for the recommendation!