Saturday, November 13, 2010

I love Thanksgiving

And the food.

Here's this year's line-up:

Roasted turkey, brined for about 24 hours.  Delicious!
Turkey gravy, made from the turkey drippings (that sounds yucky) instead of a brown powder.  My mom's coming and can help me figure out gravy once and for all.  (I'll have to write a separate post about the mauve gravy I made).
Homemade cranberry sauce.  It's actually so, so easy.  Who knew?
Mashed yukon gold potatoes.  With butter, sour cream, butter, salt, butter, pepper, butter, and butter.  Not lo-cal.
Homemade cornbread dressing, made from homemade cornbread.  Yum!
Glazed and candied sweet potatoes.  No nasty marshmallows, though.
Sauteed green beans with bacon, shallots, and sesame seeds.
Raspberry pretzel jello salad.  This year I have get to share.
Homemade rolls with Irish butter.  Oh-so-delicious.
Homemade pumpkin pie with caramel whipped cream.
Fizzy cranberry cocktails.  Or mocktails, really.

There may or may not be other things, but the above items are the required ones.

I'll have to post the recipes on here so I can find them easily.

I can hardly wait!


Just Pam said...

WOW, I'm glad we are coming! Now, what part do I get to bring or are you doing it ALL?

Emily said...

This all sounds amazing. I'll have to take note for Christmas.

Are your rolls homemade? And how do you make Irish butter? That sounds goooood.