Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A book

That's a favorite.


I'm one of those people who love to read, but forget that I do.

And even when I remember, I'm much too lazy to do much about it.  I seem to find other things to do that require even less effort....watching TV, reading blogs (hey...that's reading!).

I love to peruse book stores...all the hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered.  I end up buying so many books from the bargain area that they cannot truly be considered a bargain.  (Ok, each book is a bargain, but when you buy $70 of books, I think it teeters closer to spendy).  I have filled my bookcase to overflowing (which is color coordinated and fun).  But, alas, I have read a mere fraction of the books.

I haven't quite mastered the art of librarying.  When I was seven and lived in Arkansas, I remember going on monthly, maybe weekly, trips to the library with my family.  The library cards were cardstock that had a little piece of metal attached.  Somehow that combination of paper and metal worked together so the library could keep track of the books you checked out.  We were limited to ten books per card, so we stocked up.  We lived far enough away (which wasn't so far, but when you are seven, it seemed FAR), that by the time we got home, I had read nearly each book already.  College sort of scared me away from libraries.  I never quite mastered the Dewey Decimal System and when I saw that there was a semester-long class devoted to learning how to find books at the library, I was done.  I recently got a new library card and look forward to using it.

I'm a member of a very prestigious book club.  I've read maybe a dozen and a half of the books since joining nearly three years ago.  Not very good stats.  We always have lively conversation, so even if I haven't read the book, there is something exciting to discuss.  Since our discussions don't revolve solely around the book but sometimes go on until the wee hours of the morning, Darrell thinks we should just read a magazine article and discuss that.  I think he thinks I will get home much sooner if that is the case.

So, unfortunately, I don't have a trove of books upon which to base this posting.

I guess that could be viewed as a good thing, though.  Because, after all, I wouldn't want to think too hard!

One of my faves is "The Persian Pickle Club."  It's a book my mom recommended after her book club read it.  My grandmama read it, also, and we all talked about favorite parts.  It is a book that really can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. 

After my mother-in-law passed away, we were going through her belongings and I came across a copy of the book.  I don't know if she read it, but it would have been right up her alley. 

I'm glad that some of the most influential women in my life could all share a book that meant so much to me.  Especially since there are so few books that I have loved as much.

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Just Pam said...

I have a whole bunch more books to suggest so that you can add more to the unread list.
I LOVE to read and I guess I didn't teach you hard enough!!!