Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finally...I'm posting to this here blog!

I lost a bit of my mojo and couldn't figure out for the life of me what to post.

and so I didn't.

Then, I saw a great list of topics and decided that at least I would know what to post about.

The problem then became that the first topic was "A favorite song."

I have too many.  How could I choose?  It was like asking my mom which of her kids is her favorite.  (Ok, probably not, since she would say, "Stephanie," without any hesitation!)  (Just kidding)  (Sort of).

So I've tossed and turned at nights, trying desperately to decide on which favorite to post.

And then it happened.  When I stopped fretting, it came to me.

You may wonder, "How in the world can this be Stephanie's favorite song?  It's the theme song from the not-so-popular 1970's TV show "S.W.A.T." It's not from the 80's.  There are no words.  It's not that easy to dance to.  And who even knows who...performs it?"

I admit.  I don't think I ever saw the TV show.  I didn't even know the name of the song until 2003 when the movie version was released.  But I knew the song since the TV show debuted.  

Ok...I DO like songs other than 80's songs, although 80's is probably my favorite decade for music.  I heard about a study somewhere that whatever music you enjoy when you are about 15 is the music that stays with you and forms your taste for life.  Seems reasonable to me.

You are absolutely right.  There are no words.  But, when I was about 5, my sister and I would sing this song, using "Duh" for each syllable.  We would only sing it when we were cleaning our room.  Here is what would happen.  We would be sent to our room to clean it.  We would dawdle and end up playing with our toys instead of cleaning.  My mom would come in and remind us to clean.  We probably rolled our eyes.  Or at least I did.  I had "sass."  My mom would call to us that we had five minutes to clean our room before (1) we ate dinner, (2) had to go to bed, (3) were going somewhere, or (4) would get spanked.  Suddenly, Jennilyn and I needed something to help us clean like mad women.  I think we tried wiggling our noses a couple of times, but we were no Samanthas.  So, we would "sing" the "Pick Up Song."  The faster and louder we sang, the faster we cleaned.  I'm sure it looked something like a tornado.  I remember running in circles, chucking stuff as I went.  I'm sure the room did not get clean, but my stuff was hidden from immediate sight.  And so, there are, in fact, words to the song.

I would have to disagree that it's not easy to dance to.  As you can see in the preceding paragraph, Jennilyn and I danced like fiends as we were trashing, I mean cleaning, our room while singing the song.

And come on...who doesn't know that American funk group, Rhythm Heritage, performed the song?  Ok.  Me.  But wikipedia knew.  And Barry De Vorzon wrote the song.  Doi!  Ok...I got that from  But he was a theme song composer extraordinaire.

And not just because he wrote one of my favorite songs.


Just Pam said...

Welcome back to blogging. I have missed you!
Yes, you two did "sing" this song a lot. It brings back fond memories.

Georganna said...

Thanks Stephanie! I needed a good smile this morning.

Emily said...

Weird. But cute.