Thursday, November 10, 2011

File this under "No Thank You"

Darrell and I were on our sorta-weekly Costco date night this evening.  We tend to go just to "check things out" since we don't really have a need for 439 pounds of cheese or a 95-pack of socks.

We tend to go up and down most of the aisles to see what is available...just in case.  One never knows when a need for 6 gallons of pickles will come in handy.

We were strolling the home-upgrade know the has the fancy-schmancy chandelier, the ceiling fan that looks like it was made for a Fijian mansion, and the faux fireplace so you can have a mantle.  Well, this aisle also has the practical upgrades.  Like the brushed nickel kitchen faucets, the bamboo flooring, and the rain simulating shower head.

And then I saw this.  The item no home is complete without.  The toilet seat that combines the convenience of a hands-free flush with an automatic open and close lid.  Yes, you heard right.  The toilet seat opens as you approach the toilet and closes as you leave.  And flushes.On.Its.Own.

But wait!  There's more!

Because if you buy the model available at Costco, you also get:

A heated seat.  For those cold mornings when you just wish the toilet seat was warmer.
Gentle aerated warm water.  For front and rear cleaning.  Although I think it's pretty much all rear cleaning.
Massage feature.  Just gross!
Warm drying feature.  With three-temperature drying.
Automatic air purifier.  Thank goodness.  Because with all the other things going on, if you can't have purified air, it just isn't worth it.
A convenient remote control.  With large LCD panel for easy use.

I thought about adding it to my Christmas wish list.

But decided I'd wait for the portable unit.


Ginger said...

This would also be a "no thank you" at our house since Gracie is deathly afraid of automatic flushes (no joke).

Anonymous said... first, I read air purifier as air puffer and I thought...uhm where exactly is the air puffing into???

Emily said...

In regard to the heated seat: I once heard someone say this extremely profound thought: I can't decide of a cold toilet seat or a warm toilet seat is worse. I whole-heartedly agree.

In regard to the massage feature: This sounds like a pretty kinky toilet seat.

Oysterblogger said...

we have a flushing problem (Its Natasha btw from SHS) my kids never flush! My husband even said once we should dedicate an fhe to the importance of flushing so yes thanks for the laugh this was funny! And I can see the application