Thursday, September 6, 2012

You better Redneckognize!

So, the other night I went out on the town with three girl friends. 

Just so you know, I will protect the identities of each of these women so no one is overly embarrassed.  And since much of the evening's conversation revolved around the TV phenomenon known as "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," I will refer to each of us as one of the family members from that train wreck.  I will be known as Pumpkin since I am the only one who is pregnant; but that is where the similarities of the real people to the people on the show ends.  The remainder of the gals will be assigned their names in alphabetical order. 

We were getting ready to drive home and Chubbs called shot gun.  I was perfectly fine with her in that position since I had assumed we would keep the same seats we had on the way to the evening's events; Chubbs in shot gun, Chickadee as driver, Honey Boo Boo in the back passenger seat, and me behind Chickadee.

We were settling in as Chickadee started the car.  Chubbs was still chatting to other gals as she was getting in the car.  I was in the back, trying desperately to buckle my seat belt (and not because Chickadee's driving scares me), while Honey Boo Boo was texting one of the Kardashians.

Suddenly, Chubbs started gasping, "Help!  Help!"

I looked up to see the front seat's automatic adjuster moving the seat forward and the back of the seat to a much less reclined position.  Sort of like a clam, closing up for the evening.  Chubbs was in real danger of going through the windshield in slow motion. 

Clearly, the seat had a mind all its own.

Chickadee jumped out of the driver's seat and ran around to Chubbs' rescue.  Apparently, while Chubbs was getting into the car, she had leaned up against the automatic seat mover-upper without realizing it.

Fortunately Chickadee was able to put the seat in its correct upright position and Chubbs could re-attempt to get into the car.

But she did it again.

However, this time she was able to find the button to stop the forward action and right herself.

Somehow Honey Boo Boo was mostly oblivious to what was going on, although Chubbs was blaming Honey Boo Boo for pushing her seat forward to give herself more leg room. 

Which is completely ridiculous since Honey Boo Boo has the shortest legs of all of us.

Somehow we made it home without further incident.

Or at least I did, since I was the first dropped off. 

But beware that when you are with Chickadee, Chubbs, Honey Boo Boo, or Pumpkin, you may get way more than you bargained for.


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