Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blog Pet Peeves

I spend probably an hour a day (I know, I have no life!) reading blogs. Some are written by people I know and hang out with, some are written by people I know and don't really keep touch with very well, and some are written by total strangers.

I realize that my blog is FAR from perfect, but there are a few things that really get under my skin about some of the blogs that I peruse.

PS-The blogs of the few people who read my blog don't bother me. Just so you know.

Listed below are some of my top pet peeves. They are listed in no particular order. Ok. They are in order--the order that I think of them.

  • People who have great big pictures of their kids on their banner. With dirty faces and snot dripping out their noses. Gross! Do you really want to publicize that you can't clean the kids for the photo that is going to tell the world who you and your family are? One word--icky!
  • People who constantly brag about how wonderful their life is. "Oh, DH and I went to a meadow, where a host of angels were singing to us. We had a picnic that I had whipped up--nothing special--just some imported cheese and crackers; a fruit basket with fruit I picked up at the farmer's market; sandwiches on bread I had just baked, from wheat I had just cracked, with either meats I had cured myself, or (for the vegetarian bloggers) with veggies straight from my garden; a perfectly delicious, fat-free, sugar-free, taste-full dessert, from a recipe I just thought up; and lemonade that was just the right tart plus sweet. We ate the delicious meal I prepared and then DH went back to his perfect job and I went back home to my 8 smiling children. Then, for dinner, we ate a Cafe Rio! The perfect ending of a perfect day." GAG! Now, I don't want to read all about the woes of someone's life, but REALLY? Your life isn't that perfect!
  • People who have far too many ads on their blog. Is the 13 cents a year that you make worth annoying everyone who visits your blog?
  • People who take horrible photos and try to pass them off as good. If it's not in focus, I probably don't want to see it. If you can't see the peoples' faces, no one cares. If you are taking a photo or more for each and every step in a recipe that has 517 steps, you've lost my attention.
  • People who create those buttons for blogs that no one reads. While I'm at it...people who post "awards" their blogs have won. From other blogs no one has heard of.
  • People who have added so many gadgets to their blog, it takes five minutes to load. I have moved on....
  • People who have "cute" names for their family members to keep the pervs away. If you are that worried, make your blog private. Or don't blog. Plus, pervs have a way of finding kids, even if Katie is "Koko" on your blog.
  • People who don't fill out any of the "About Me" links. Sometimes I want to see quickly if your blog is worth reading. The "About Me" link is very useful in that quest.
  • People who have a really annoying background (either the color, design, or music). If it hurts to read, I won't.
  • People who are obsessed with Twilight.
  • People who drone on and on about how horrible their life is. If you don't like it, why do you think I will?

So, there are some of my pet peeves. That really went on longer than I anticipated. Sorry for rambling. I hope that my blog doesn't make your list of pet peeves. :)


Diana said...

To: peeved about pets and other blogs:
1st of all Excellent post! It's about time someone cleared the air in this regard.
2 am glad you clarified that our blogs DONT bother you.
3 I am guilty of horrible photo shoots because my camera refuses to do any better... or the person taking them has no idea how to operate, or I have a dumb worthless camera. I'm also guilty of posting kids from far away. I will at least remember to name the stick figure in the foreground ;)
4 I don't think I've given my Katie a nickname like Kokos (although, I call her Katers from time to time at home)
5 I don't fill out the “about me” segment because I figure you read about it everyday in my posts. If you don't know who I am by now... you might want to click on “next blog”. Ha ha
6 I'm glad you mentioned something about colors and backgrounds because I haven't known how to tell you the blue text on your blog hurts mine... (sorry :)and I promise not to move on to other blogs as a consequence.
7 I might be obsessed with my schooling … but not twilight.
8 did you include being peeved about people that log in and go to Diana's blog via “Hyerliving”- so I think Lucinda is visiting everyday, thus telling me you visit Lucindas blog FIRST instead of mine?

I hope you know I'm having fun with you! I love you guys and miss you so much! I hope my blog IS worthy of visiting and that you will always drop by and say hi. Gen Women's Conference is coming up Saturday. My fondest memory is going with you before I left for Reno. I will truly miss ya.

Evon said...

Thank you Stephanie…I agree with you! My biggest pet peeve is that I HATE hearing about everyone's "wonderful, amazing husbands" Their can’t be that many wonderful men in the world cause then it would not have taken me almost 10 years to meet my “wonderful and amazing supportive” husband! I also hate when my friends I mean readers don’t leave comments…comments make me feel loved!

Anonymous said...

Well said Stephanie....well said.

Aunt Spicy said...

Okay, so total panic when I started reading your post. I thought, "Oh gosh, I am one of the blogs she reads that she doesn't know...maybe I am guilty..." But by the end of your post my head was nodding in violent agreement with your list! And I am pretty sure I dont fall in those categories (please tell me if I do and I will quickly correct) kids, angels dont sing to me when I go on picnics, I dont do Twilight, basic blog setup, and I am single and completely agree with Evon's comment above. Where are all the wonderful, amazing men?

Excellent post! Very well said!

Ginger said...

Love this post! You always crack me up.

Emily said...

I've recently become disenchanted with some popular blogs I used to like for pretty much every reason listed. I mean, I get that there is some form of narcissism involved when blogging, but you can at least PRETEND to not be so self absorbed, you know?

What is a "DH" anyway? I'm sure whatever it stands for, I will just violently roll my eyes and gag.

Anatolia said...

... A host of angels was singing to us... I whipped up -- nothing special--...


Just happened to stumble on your journal. I enjoyed reading this post.

Allison Nelson said...

Stephers, what do you think of my blog? Its very basic and I'm not one to brag about how wonderful my life is, because it isn't. Still... I only get on there once a week or so. I actually don't try hard enough to make it interesting enough. But I don't care to because, sadly, we don't even have the internet at home. I know you're thinking, HOW could anyone be so in the dark ages? Anyway, just wondering: Let me know your thoughts and honest opinion (know I can get that from you!)