Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brain Worm

For some reason, this song has been going through my head this morning.

I haven't heard it for years, so where it came from this morning, I don't know.

If you don't know the source, it is Sesame Street from the 70s.


Emily said...

I totally forgot about this! Here's what i learned while watching this:
1.) Llamas have creepy eyes.

2.) Llamas have even creepier teeth.

3.) The creators of Sesame Street were on drugs in the 70s. I mean, taking a llama to the dentist? Who thinks up these things? People on drugs, that's who.

Ginger said...

This is too funny!

Just Pam said...

It is obvious you haven't seen it for years when you see the video--it definitely is 30+ years old!!!
I remember hearing the song but I don't think I ever watched what was going on! So much for an observant parent!!

Jamie said...

pure crazy.

and i totally remember it! my favorite part? the girls' whack mullet.

also, how is it that you are not on my links list? can I add you? that way I will remember to stop by more often. because i love-n-miss you, ya know.

Julie said...

Sorry for the delay in catching up on reading blogs. But I had to comment on this one.

Emily - the writers of Sesame Street weren't on drugs, they just lived in NYC. Taking llamas to the dentist isn't the strangest thing you'll see on the street there. And I think the llama has nice eyes. I would love to have natural eye-lining like that. The teeth are a totally different story & pure cah-ree-py!

Stephanie - I love the llama video! Almost as good as "a loaf of bread...a container of milk...and a stick of butta."