Thursday, September 10, 2009

Remember when you were a little kid?

And time seemed to D R A G?
Yeah, me too.
Why can't we bring back those days?

Just the other day, I was thinking, "Ok, so it's springtime and soon it'll be summer."
That was just last week. Summer is all-but-gone and I don't think I accomplished any of my goals.


So, here is a list of some of my goals for the rest of the year.
Hopefully, by putting them out for the world to see (as if THAT many people read my blog!), I will be more motivated to achieve them!

Finish my Summer of Service bags I committed to sew.
Decorate for Halloween/Fall/Thanksgiving.
Decorate for Christmas by the end of Thanksgiving weekend.
Make some Christmas gifts before Thanksgiving.
Put away my Fourth of July decorations before Halloween.
Clean the guest room. Again!
Go to the gym once a week--or more--but no less than once a week.
Eat more veggies.
Use food storage food once a week. Chocolate chips don't count.
Get my haircut.
Fit into my cute denim slacks.

Okay...I don't want to get too carried away. I tend to make so many goals that I don't know where to start and end up doing none of them. I think that's a pretty good list.

Feel free to check up on me to help me achieve my goals.

PS--What goals are you working on?


Aunt Spicy said...

I think time is speeding up...and I want it to slow down. I need more of it! Your list is a fabulous idea! I will have to do that tonight and see where I stand!

Annell said...

My goal is to simplify! Play more with my kids. Study my scriptures just a little bit more.

Evon said...

My goal is to have a goal!

Ginger said...

I say chocolate chips count!

mary said...

When I was young I felt days dragged on FOREVER. I now wish there were more hours in a day.