Friday, April 16, 2010

Guess the name of this's also a David Bowie song

So...I decided to be a more consistent blogger.  And I'm not sure it was so much a conscious decision as much as it was the natural progression of actually thinking of things to write and doing it.

But, I sort of got on a little bit of a roll.

I was posting every couple of days, some posts that were actually pretty good, if I say so myself.  (Which I obviously did).

I even had a few moments where I cracked myself up.  (Ok.  Not so unusual or difficult for me).

But then, suddenly, without much notice (which is a definition of "suddenly"), I got what people "in the business" call "Writer's Block."  (Visualize me using those silly, little in-the-air finger quotes while reading that last sentence.  I'll wait while you re-read it).

It was horrible.  I couldn't think of anything (a) witty; (b) clever; (c) informative; (d) interesting; or (e) write-able.

I was constantly trying to think of something.anything to write.

Oh look!  Glee is on!  Surely there is something Glee-ish to write about.  But no.  Although I loved it, there wasn't anything to say about it that wasn't said somewhere else.

Oooh!  I went to book club.  We talked and gabbed about all sorts of things.  Unfortunately, nothing that I could or, better yet, SHOULD write about.  I can't even write about the book, since I didn't read it.  Shameful, I know!  It's on my ever-growing to-do list.  That I don't even keep.

I survived the Easter Day earthquake.  Survived being a little bit of literary license.  It wasn't much of an earthquake here in Arizona.  Small enough that there isn't much to post on the blog.  I posted on facebook.  In fact, I may have broken the news to the world about the earthquake.  But still, not enough fodder for the blog.

And so, as you can so easily read for yourself, my life got so boring and mundane that I couldn't even make fun of myself.

I was feeling the pressure.  One could even say I was "Under Pressure."

But, I'm hoping I got a little of my "mo-jo" back.  Or maybe it was my "groove."

Whatever it was, I hope it's back for good.

PS--If you guessed the name of this post, pat yourself on the back.  I would send you a little gift, but I fear by the time I got around to sending it, you will have moved.  Thrice.

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