Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things I can't touch

I know it sound crazy, but there are specific things out there in the world that I cannot touch.  If I do, I  have to immediately wash my hands.  But even then, sometimes no amount of washing will help. 

Galvanized steel.  For some reason, I hate the way it feels.  It gives me the willies.  Just thinking about it makes me hurt.

Bugs, reptiles, birds, and rodents.  When I was younger (like a week ago even), I couldn't even touch photos of these creatures.  In books.  Or even drawings.

Items in the garage that have dust on them.  One day, while living with my parents, my dad asked me to help him move their pop-up trailer.  It was in the garage and had dust all over it.  I really wasn't much help and nearly dropped the trailer.  I guess that's what happens when you will only touch a hundred-plus pound object with your fingertips. 

Coins or keys (for very long).  For some reason, when I touch coins or keys for longer than just a few seconds, I can taste them.  I am afraid I may have actual taste buds on my fingers.  If I experience the contact metal taste, it won't go away for hours.

I'm starting to freak myself out.

I think I need to take a shower. 


Emily said...

How is it that our mother raised such neurotic children? I agree with many of these.

Just Pam said...

The dust in the garage is horrible. That is why the garage gets so dirty--I CAN'T stand the feel!!!! I guess I passed it on to you guys!

Emily said...

I will add, that I hate my feet being dirty. I do not go without shoes outside the house. Growing up, I wouldn't even go in the garage without some sort of slip-on covering my feet. In fact, as we speak (and before I saw this post again, I swear), I've been considering washing my feet. I wore some flip flops today that are a little dirty, and the feel of it on the soles of my feet is driving me bonkers!