Monday, April 5, 2010

Raindrops on roses....

Do you have favorite things that nothing in the world can replace?

I most definitely do.

For years, I would only eat Yoplait Custard Style Key Lime Pie yogurt.  There was no alternative.  Now, however, it is Fage Greek Style Plain yogurt, with sugar.  I'm thinking of branching out and trying the yogurt and honey thing.  I get it at the Costco.  One liter container for $6.50.  Seriously good eats!

Another fave, which is relatively new, is my mascara.  It's Loreal's Double Extend Beauty Tubes.  You apply a white (which, I have to tell you, looks a little freaky) layer followed by a black layer.  It never smears, smudges, flakes, or runs.  It isn't waterproof, but it is.  It's kind of weird, but I l.o.v.e. it!

I love Safeway.  Not necessarily because I think their prices, selection, layout, or associates are outstanding.  But because they are closest to me and I am used to the store.  I do, however, really like many of their healthy house-brand items.

I could live on Fiber One bars.  The chocolate ones.  The ones that literally taste like a candy bar.  That are healthy for you.

TV.  All sorts.  Too much.

Napster.  I pay $15 a month for unlimited downloads.  I have amassed quite the collection.  Like so many that I can't access my library remotely.  I didn't need a home equity loan for it. (Good thing I didn't, since there isn't much equity left in homes around here.).

Target.  Do I really have to say more?

America's Test Kitchen, Cook's Country, and Cooks Illustrated.  I love the tests they do (and report about) to make a great recipe better.  I don't always agree and sometime get grossed out (using a hard-boiled egg instead of a regular egg in a cookie recipe makes me want to upchuck), but I am always intrigued.

My DVR.  (See TV, above).

Loreal Endless lipstick.  The stuff stays on for HOURS and isn't dry or stain-ish.  I have almost every shade.

Gel Roller Ball pens.  Almost any brand.  In almost any color.  I love that they are smooth and dry so quickly.  And no smears.

Ikea.  I get in a mood every few months to go.  I want to buy everything.  I think it will make me organized.  I end up buying something small-ish that doesn't help with the organization.

My cute niece Malena.  She cracks me up, even though I rarely understand what she says.  It really is difficult to understand kids on the phone.  I just end up saying wow and really a lot.  With enthusiasm.  Poor girl is going to grow up thinking people are so excited about the most mundane things.  It may be a real letdown.

Costco.  Darrell and I go probably every 10 days.  He would go more often, but we have a "No Saturday" rule.  And I get home too late most nights.  But we love it.  We are those crazy people who can go in and leave with only $20 of stuff.  We do a lot of window shopping, too.  It's a great date night.

Hawaii.  Now that is a great date night!  I've only been once, for our honeymoon, but I loved being there.  I couldn't live there...I think I would get really freaked out being so far from the mainland...but a couple of weeks would be perfect.

King sized beds.  With super soft mattresses.  One day, I will own one.  For now, it will be a hotel luxury.

Games.  Board games. Word games. Trivia games. I like them all.  I really like them when I win.

Cars with gadgets.  I almost bought a car just because it had 47 gadgets.  A hook to hang grocery bags.  And a fancy non-key ignition.  Those are always good reasons to spend thirty grand.

Chocolate.  Dark Chocolate.  I have some amazing dark chocolate with sea salt.  It is delish.  Excuse me while I eat some.  Yep, still as good as I remembered.

And Darrell.  He's my favorite thing.  Even more than Chocolate.  And ice cream combined.  It reminds me of this song, which I love:


Annell said...

I love that song! I've been looking for a good mascara...looks like ive got one now...Thanks!!

Ginger said...

Stephanie, have you ever considered quitting your job and becoming a professional blogger? I'm serious, your posts are so cool. If I had $$ I would pay to advertise on your site :)

Allison Nelson said...

Thats a fun list, and I would include Fiber One chocolate bars and the Greeg Fage 0% on my list as well! Good picks.