Monday, March 2, 2009

This Years Love

So, in my attempt to blog more and (hopefully) more interesting posts, I have decided to hit "Random" on my MP3 player and use the song as the title for at least one post a week.

The first is, as you can tell, This Years Love. I was interested to see that it isn't This Year's Love, but This Years Love. No apostrophe. Yes, I'm a bit of a grammar geek.

So far, this year, I have been oh-so-obsessed with "nesting." You know, making the house you live in feel so much more homey. I have wanted to create and decorate.

I have spent hours checking out blogs, websites, stores, and other people's houses, trying to decide what I could do to my own house.

Last month (is it REALLY March!?!) I made a fabric wreath. My loyal followers and readers will remember. Especially since it was only a couple of posts ago.

A couple of weeks ago, I painted and stained a rolling, wooden kitchen cart to match my kitchen "china" cabinet.

Last week, I decorated for Easter, putting out bunnies of all sorts throughout the house.

Yesterday, I went to an antique shop and bought some vintage jars and bottles to put buttons in. I love buttons and when we went through Darrell's mom's sewing room, I asked for the buttons. They have been sitting in the garage for the last nine months or so, and I intend to put them in jars to display at different times throughout the year.

So, I guess This Years Love is making my already cozy home even cozier. I just hope that Darrell enjoys it, too.

I thought I'd include a YouTube video of This Years Love, so you all can enjoy it, too. I guess that will be how I end this weekly posting--with a fun video of the song I choose.


The Ingermansons said...

Random--it took me MANY months (quite some time ago) for the blog name to register. I keep forgetting to say anything. You are waaaaayyy too clever.

Diana said...

speaking of displaying bunnies in your home .... you keep having that "nesting" feeling and you'll be taking your own bunny out of the oven to display! :D

Hey my word verification is ichochro... sounds like something you'd name your little bunny out of the oven.

Okay.... I'll stop!:D :D :D
I do now how much you guys really love me!