Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Night...Date Night

Darrell and I are really into having a Date Night every Friday night.

We do all sorts of fun and exciting things. 

Let me give you the highlights of tonight's Date Night:

But first, a little background: I peruse my local Freecycle bulletin board.  There is typically a bunch of junk available that even Goodwill won't take.  You know.  Moving boxes, Barney VHS tapes, cans of chipped beef that may or may not be bulging.  Junk.  But this morning, I noticed a headboard from Pottery Barn was being offered.  For Free.  I emailed the lady and waited to hear back.  And waited.  And waited.  Finally at 1:30, she emailed and told me I could have it if I came and picked it up at 6:30.  Score!

So, back to the date night:

Darrell and I left at 6:10 to pick up the headboard.  We drove my car, since it is an SUV rather than Darrell's four-door car.  The lady lives in a townhouse really close to us and the unit numbers are hardly visible from the parking lot.  We found the place because the headboard was outside, waiting for us.  We had to maneuver it into the car, since it was both too wide and too tall to fit in perfectly.  Good thing I grabbed our never-used-until-tonight bungee cords.  We had to roll down one of the windows and bungee the lift-back door "closed."  I took side streets home, but we made it.  Safe and sound.  The headboard is a little dusty and looks like it came from a house with dogs, so it's in the garage so I can give it a good vacuuming tomorrow.  But here is what it looks like:

Fancy, huh?

After we (meaning me) changed our clothes, we headed out.  As we were making our way to the car, I remembered I noticed some wasps building a nest in the bushes in front of our house.  They have done that in years past, and I wanted Darrell to exterminate them tomorrow.  Darrell decided that teasing the wasps would be more fun, so he told me, "Go start the car, so we can escape quickly."  I got into the car and Darrell kicked the bush as if he was punting in the Super Bowl to win in a last seconds attempt.  He then ran to the car as if he was being chased by a swarm of killer bees.  The wasps' nest lay in the middle of our grass.  "I think we need to go to Ace Hardware to get some wasp killer," he told me.

We went to the local Ace Hardware, where he picked up wasp poison and an air filter for the air conditioner.  We buy the expensive ones since they tend to help with Darrell's allergies.  He's allergic to dust, desert plant pollens, and most pets.  While we were there, I decided to get some paint for some projects I have lined up.  There may or may not be future posts related to the paint (It completely depends how successful or UNsuccessful I am).

We took the paint and wasp poison home, since we didn't really want to leave them in the car and the 100+ degree heat.  Yes, even at 7 in the evening, it's 100+.  Darrell just took the stuff into the garage, while I waited in the car.  Very near to the bush that was kicked thirty minutes earlier.  As I sat there, I observed a couple of wasps, flying around the bush, looking a little confused.  I know that sounds weird, since 1-I couldn't see their faces; and 2-even if I could see their faces, they probably don't have very expressive faces.  But they were flying all around the bushes as if they were looking for their home.  I laughed and re-told the story to Darrell.

We next went to the Costco!  We got a cart and bought produce and Greek yogurt and Fiber One bars and razors.  Then we ran into some friends (hi Ginger and Mary!) and chatted for awhile.  Apparently, the Costco is high on the list of romantic places to be on a Friday Night Date Night.  We picked up some food at the food court, gassed up the SUV, and drove home.

We ate our pizza, salad, and fro-yo while watching Friday Night Lights a la DVR.

Oh the romance!


Just Pam said...

Whatever happened to going to the movie"Grown Ups"? I've watched the trailers all week and was excited to hear if it is as bad as it looks! You made your own movie with this date! None would have been better than this.

Emily said...

Oh man. My computer monitor is all fogged up after reading about your steamy night.

Ginger said...

First of all, Barney VHS tapes are not junk, they are GOLD! Just ask Sophia. Secondly, I wish I could have seen Darrell punt the wasp nest. Good times!