Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm going all Al Gore on you

I only sorta do my part to save the earth.

I recycle.  Some times only because I have run out of room in my garbage can and will fit more stuff in it if I "recycle" some of the other stuff.

I try not to waste water unnecessarily. I strategically space the cleaning of my floors by several weeks.

I let my grass grow really high.  It produces more oxygen and consumes more CO2 that way, right?

I sometimes go a couple of days without driving my car.  When I completely don't even leave my house.

I installed those pesky new fangled light bulbs.  And only gripe about them every OTHER day!

So, I am going to share with you one way that I really want to be green:

I hate. Hate. HATE. phone books!  With all my guts!

It seems I get a new one every month or so.

I have a hard time that these companies can actually make money printing and distributing these things.

I know.  I know...they sell advertising space, which pays for the stupid books. 

But really, who uses them?

Besides people born before 1967?

I guess that sorta answers that question.

But I have a sneaking suspicion that they will go the way of dinosaurs.  And it will only take as many years for the book to die as it has been since dinosaurs roamed the planet.

So today, in my blog reading, I came across this link.

Go to it NOW.  Post Haste!

For there you will enable yourself to never receive a stupid phone book again.

You enter your ZIP code and it lists all the companies that provide you will reading material for the next decade or two. 

Follow those links and enter your info to opt out of the insanity.

If you are anything like me, though, you will have a little tiny bit of regret.  "What if I suddenly need the phone book to find xyz?"

"Just use your cell phone's handy phone book feature," replies the smart side of my brain.

Don't ever say I don't love the environment now.


Emily said...

For real. We had a stack of phone books outside our door when we moved last month (I guess two months ago. Weird.). I hate, hate, HATE them!

Ginger said...

I was just talking to someone last week about how obsolete those stupid things are and why they are still producing them. Funny.

Evon said...

I do use my phone books...if I need height for a decoration that's high up on my shelf. Other than that I can't stand them!