Tuesday, June 29, 2010


A-Diapers don't need to look like they are made of denim.
B-You won't look like #1 when you #2.
C-A kid in a diaper doesn't look chic.
D-If your poo is blue, you've probably eaten something you shouldn't have.
E-There is no way to look cool when you poo.

Seriously....who writes this crap?

PS--Darrell saw this while watching "World's Most Dangerous Group" on MTV--a documentary on NWA.  You know...the band that started Gangsta Rap.


Darrell Lund said...

E-Z E is rolling over in his grave knowing that a documentary for his band is sponsored by a company that sells a product designed to hold baby crap. What's next, a Motley Crue documentary sponsored by Tampax?

Emily said...

I must admit, I think the commercial is pretty funny. I hate the product, though. Babies in diapers instead of pants are gross. And I guess if I'm being really honest with myself, I'm just in love with the baby. He's a beautiful kid.

Darrell, you're funny.

Lucinda said...

I am just glad I don't have kids in diapers! And NO my children would never wear those!!