Thursday, July 8, 2010

How lame is this?

About eleven years ago, when I was 13 ('cause I'm only 24!), I bought a fabulous dress at one of my favorite stores...the clearance Dillard's.  It was a fabulous deal and I was so excited to wear it to church.

Now, this was back in the "olden days" when I could actually wear almost all the clothes in my closet, unlike today, when I can wear almost nothing in my closet.  This is an important part to the story that I tell.

As I was getting ready for church, I was anticipating how great I was going to look in my new dress.  All the compliment I would receive.  The success that would be mine, just from wearing this new dress.

As I was putting the dress on, I noticed an odd accessory that I hadn't seen the day before, when I purchased the dress.

It was one of those dang security tags with ink in it!

I couldn't wear the new and magical dress to church!

Whatever was I to do?

I surely couldn't remove the tag, since my beautiful dress would be ruined.

Could I pull off wearing the dress, hoping no one would notice the tag?  No.  Prob'ly not.

So, even though I had a massive closet of clothes--all appropriate for church--I decided my best bet was to skip church that week.

And so I did.  And that is about the lamest excuse for ditching church I have ever heard.

What's your lamest excuse?  Or do you go to church even when you have a truly justified reason to stay home?


Emily said...

There was a girl in my ward in Provo who came to church before heading to the hospital b/c she was in labor. Seriously?? I doubt God will keep you out of heaven b/c you spent one Sunday of your life birthing a child.

As for me, I can't think of a lame excuse as to why I've skipped church. I've just been honest with myself and convince myself not to go b/c I just don't feel like it. I think the honesty there counts in favor of me, right? Right??

Jamie said...

I have skipped church because it was (is often)the only time I can get a nap and stay healthy all week. Three kid-free hours of quiet (there's a sacrament service on BYUTV, too) vs. renewing my covenants? Sometimes the nap wins.

Lucinda said...

Jamie, I think you are my new best friend! Would you let the primary know I am taking a mental health day on Sunday.....

Just Pam said...

My question seems to be with the tag and not with skipping church (although I also question that!). Did you pay for the dress and they just forgot to remove the tag or did you, in your obvious state of euphoria at having found THE perfect dress, just forgot to pay for the thing?
I also am waiting for one of your abusive childhood stories about how your mom made you go to church with the chicken pox or some other horrible disease because you remember that she said,"we don't miss church in this house".

Ginger said...

My grandmother used to skip church if she hadn't dyed her hair and the gray was showing. This was when she was in her 80's. She always had to look her best. (She had all the purses and matching shoes to prove it too).

I'll keep the Utah mormon jokes to myself right now. :)

Evon said...

I have no excuses I always go to church no matter what! ( kids might be reading this post)

Aunt Spicy said...

jet lag.

seems to be my excuse a lot.