Monday, July 5, 2010

iTunes Sucks, part three



I understand that you work for a corporation that has your hands tied. I, too, have worked in the customer service industry and understand your frustration and difficulty in helping clients the way you would like to. I appreciate your help, but unfortunately iTunes and Apple were so inefficient in getting back with me, over $200 was stolen from my account for unauthorized purchases. Had I been able to talk with a real person when I discovered the $1 charge, I could have prevented this fraudulent activity. I fortunately was able to limit the purchasing power of my debit card, even though I was unable to close the card over a holiday weekend when my bank was closed.


I address the company for which you work below and do not wish to detract from the help that you were able to provide me.


Do not pass the blame for your company's inability to protect consumers from fraudsters. Let me tell you that I have not shared my password, responded to any "phishing" emails, or used the same password for multiple online accounts. I do not appreciate being told that I am responsible for someone else's criminal activities. Your company has made promises of account security it is either incapable of or unwilling to keep.


I appreciate that Apple was able to determine from MY investigation that "It appears that your account information was modified without your authorization." Thank you, Captain Obvious!


I have reset my password, but REFUSE to provide ANY account information to your company, since even after I limited the ability to use my own bank account, fraudsters were able to download further unauthorized purchases, including "The Fart Machine." My account information even reflects that I OWE you $25 for such downloads. Let me tell you that not only will iTunes never receive a penny from me, Apple will also never receive a penny from me. I will not purchase an iPhone (not like I would be able to use the telephone feature since it appears to be more useful as an app-machine and cannot receive a telephone signal--one would think that a telephone would be able to, but apparently not. Further, not even your company's CEO can use the dumb thing, as shown here: I will not purchase an iPod (I have one that has gone unused for eighteen months since it is so inconvenient to use and my Napster-to-Go account is cheaper, more user friendly, has not been compromised, and allows for contact with people). I will not purchase an iPad (my five year old "inferior" MP3 player has more memory than your iPad. A netbook has more capabilities than an iPad. Plus, the name is stupid--really? It sounds like an Apple sanitary napkin). And just like the general public, I did not purchase your other "ground breaking" products, such as the Newton and Apple TV. They appear to have taken off like wildfire--and we all know how much the general population loves wildfires.


Please provide me with user-friendly directions to de-activate my account as I will no longer need Apple's services.


John, I certainly appreciate your help and hope that you are adequately compensated for working at a company that values its privacy, but not the privacy of its most important asset--its clients.





PS-Please feel free to forward this email to your manager so that the company's problems can be addressed. I will forward this email to my contact list and I'm sure they will be happy to spread the word.

To my blogging friends: Beware!  The same thing happened to my sister and numerous others according to a quick google search.  Feel free to link back to this to help others prevent the same fate.


Ginger said...

Stephanie, I am sorry to hear of this big fat pain in the rear that you are dealing with. What a complete nightmare! I hope you are able to get things worked out ASAP.

Evon said...

I feel your pain, I would be mad too. But I love my iphone...maybe cause I don't have to pay for it!

Aunt Spicy said...

Ohhhh, so sorry... make sure you run anti-virus on your home computer and some sort of cleaner...just in case!