Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm a sucker for free stuff

Back in the day, when I had business cards, I carried them all the time. Just so I could put them in the gigantic fish bowl to win a free lunch at the sandwich shop to which I had a frequent eater card, which entitled me to a free 3-inch standard sandwich after eating fifty-seven 6-inch premium sandwiches.

So, needless to say, I have registered on more websites to receive daily email updates about offers that I will never really be interested in.

In my inbox right now, I find emails from:

Bob's Red Mill
Papa John's
Very Best Baking (Nestle)
salemail (that tells me who is having sales where)
Discovery Health
World Market
Lunch Club
Hungry Girl

And that's just from today.

So, when I received an email from some company advertising their latest and greatest product, and offering a free sample in the mail, I jumped. High.

That was about six weeks ago.

I had almost forgotten about my request, when I got the mail a couple of days ago. But there, in the mail was my free sample of:

Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets

I figured that it behooves me (I have always wanted to say that word, and you don't get the opportunity very often--take advantage when you can) to perform a public service by telling you about my experience.

Maybe we can call this a Consumer Review. Remember, I am sort of being compensated for this review. I received two free sheets and a coupon to save $1 off my next purchase.

The sheets are just about 4x6 (inches, not feet or centimeters) and are pretty thick and heavier than you would think. I guess they have to be, since they contain detergent, fabric softener, and anti-static stuff. They are touted as "powerful" sheets.

They smell like a cross between a dryer sheet and scent-free detergent. (I know it sounds funny that scent-free detergent has a scent, but it does--soap.). I just noticed this is the "Spring Oasis" scented variety.

The directions say to use one for a regular load and two for an extra large load. You put it in the washing machine with your clothes and then transfer it, along with your clothes, to the dryer.

I did a load of dark colored clothes, including jeans. It appears that the clothes got clean. But, really, I think most of the time, with adult clothes, just putting them through a washing cycle with water only, would clean the clothes. I don't typically roll around in the mud.

They don't have static, even the non-natural fibered work out clothes. (Don't laugh...I have work out clothes.). (I just don't use them to work out).

They don't smell particularly "April fresh," but I don't necessarily think that is a bad thing. I probably have enough other scents (soap, shampoo, deodorant, perfume, etc), that I don't need my clothes to have much scent. I would say that the clothes smell clean, but not scented.

So, this is the part that you are all waiting for: Would I buy this product? I would seriously think about it. I think it would depend on the price of this product vs. the price of my current detergent (Costco's unscented liquid) and dryer sheets (whatever is cheapest at the store). I like the idea that I wouldn't be wasting a big plastic container (I do recycle them, though). But, I also don't know what kind of packaging the new product comes in.

In the interest of full disclosure, the real reason behind this posting was purely selfish. I am hoping that marketers pick up my review and contact me to become a professional reviewer. You know, having companies send me things to try out (and keep) to see if their products work in the "real world."

Companies like Mercedes. And British Airways. And the Fiji Chamber of Commerce. And Fulton Homes.

A girl can dream, can't she?

PS-The directions contain a warning label that tells you what to do in case you accidentally swallow the laundry sheet. I think if you could swallow a laundry sheet loaded with enough detergent to clean a whole load of dirty clothes, the glass full of water that is suggested may not do the trick. That would probably only cause the remaining soap to foam in your mouth. Which could result in a series of rabies shots. And a nickname of Old Yeller.


Just Pam said...

Oh, Stephanie, Stephanie, Stephanie! Again, you have me doubled over with laughter. You'd think I would get used to this.
You are a HOOT!

Emily said...

I think those things are creepy. I don't get how they work. And I would assume they would be mad expensive. It probably costs about the same as a box of detergent, but instead of doing 85 loads, it does, like, 20.