Friday, March 5, 2010

March forth!

My friend, Jamie (Post) Melin, has celebrated March 4th as March Forth.

She learned about it from its founder, Geo (who I totally don't know and hope she doesn't mind me linking to her blog).

Geo "invented" the holiday as her New Year's Day. The day to move forward and either do the things you have been putting off or do something that re-invigorates you. Or both.

Every year, Jamie writes a little something about her March Forth and I am always jealous that she remembers and I don't.

This year I decided to celebrate it on the Sixth. For two reasons:
A--I forgot about it. Again.
2--I needed to wait until Saturday, when I didn't have to go to work and could devote the day to me. Sound selfish? Ok, maybe a little.

But, I decided that next year, I will NOT procrastinate (one of my biggest weaknesses!). I added March Forth to my Outlook calendar. So even though next year's March Forth is a Friday, I will celebrate it on the fourth.

And maybe the fifth, too!

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