Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Letters from home....

When I was on my mission, I always loved getting letters from home.  For two reasons. 
First, it was nice to have letters and feel loved by my family.
Second, my family is crazy and they all write pretty much anything.
I thought I would start a new series to showcase the writing talent in my family.

The first letter highlighted is from my brother Todd.  He was 17 when he wrote this letter:

Dear Stephanie,
Mom is making me write this because she wants to make it look like I care.  I'm writing on the cover sheet of the note book paper so I don't actually waste paper.  Emily is grumpy and pretending to be in a coma (ignoring us).  Did you hear about Regis?  Probably not.  He had a nervous breakdown on the air Wednesday.  Ugly sight.  Started hitting Kathie Lee, but little did he realize Kathie Lee was taking self-defense Ninjitsu class-yep beat him straight into Fair condition.  {musical notes drawn here} Be a drug user-and a drug abuser. {musical notes drawn here, too} Speaking of drugs Emily's pot use did escalate to crack & heroin like I told her.  But did she listen-no.  What kind of noise annoys an oyster? (Say it aloud) A noisy noise annoys an oyster. Did you know if you dug a hole straight through the center of the Earth and each opening was at the same elevation you could jump in and come up at the other end like an elevator because the speed you gained going down ya'd lose coming up.  True science fact.
Gonna burn-in the Disco Inferno!
Today Mom & I were going to Mark Peterson's baptism and were stopped at B'way and Pantano.  In the station wagon ahead of us were two small children facing us, one boy and one girl (with three eyes)!  So I started making faces at them and they began to laugh.  Then they started telling everyone else in the car that a crazy boy was making faces at them.  Then I noticed the boy was wearing a white shirt and tie.  I said, "I bet they're going to the baptism."  So we followed them there.  We park in an area of a closer vicinity to the door and got to the baptismal area first.  W had been sitting in our seats for approximately 2 minutes when the children previously mentioned walked in and it was the Gibsons.  Ha ha. Well, I have to go.  Maybe (if Mom makes me) I'll write again

He did not sign it (or even punctuate the last sentences).

I remember laughing and laughing.  Even today, it cracks me up.  Quite the stream of consciousness Todd has!


Just Pam said...

I feel like I need to justify all these posts that are going to be posted by you.
For those who may be reading this and not know our family let me just say--I am a NORMAL mother with very CRAZY children!!!! I really tried my best but obvious not hard enough. I also have to say--BOY DO I EVER LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!! They are the greatest kids a mother could have. I hope someday you get a chance to meet Stephanie's weird family:)

Ginger said...

That is too funny. My mom gave me a letter recently that I had written to my younger brother when I was at Ricks. It is fun to re-read old letters.

Emily said...

Truth be told, I'm a little nervous for any any letters you post that are from me.

Todd is ridiculous. I like that he make sit clear that he "doesn't care" and only writes because he has to....