Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hi. My name is Stephanie. And I'm an addict.

(Go ahead...say it.  "Hi, Stephanie.")

I have become absolutely addicted to Pinterest.
I joined months ago, when it was difficult to get an invite--and yeah, you used to need an invite to join.
I kept reading all these blogs ('cause, if we're being honest, I'm addicted to blogs.  Of people I don't know.  Yeah...I've got a serious problem) and everyone was talking about "pinning" and "boards."
I didn't quite understand and I was a little annoyed.  (Truth be told, I read several blogs written by people who annoy me.  Some of these people are over-the-top narcissists.  And tell everyone about their narcissism.  Only they don't call it that.)
So, although I was annoyed, I figured it was just another thing these self-apprecating (you know, the opposite of self-deprecating) folks were discussing that was a secret society, only accessible to the blogtastics.
But then, one of the bloggers I admire wrote about it.  And even described it.  And was willing to give out invites.  (That's one of the reasons I like her...she doesn't think the world-wide-web is HER oyster).
So, I went to the website and checked it out. 

It looked a little like heaven. 

A place I could put all those things I see on blogs that I love/want to do/dream of/etc. 
Somewhere that I could remember. 
It wasn't one of my secret hiding places.  (I have so many of them, I can never remember where I put what.  My cyber hiding places are various places on my C drive or emails I sent to a friend or emails I sent to myself or bookmarks on my browser or little pieces of paper I scribbled details or printouts I put in real [as opposed to cyber] hiding places like the pile of paper on the desk or the pile of paper on the floor in the home office or the pile of paper on the floor in the guest room....I think you get the idea.)

So I signed up and started using Pinterest.
I pinned a few things, but would forget about it most of the time.
I would get emails saying that someone I didn't know re-pinned a pin.  Or was following me.
And I'd pin a few more things.
I had a conversation with one of the 2 other people I knew who pinned.
We couldn't figure out the re-pinning.  And following.  And found it slightly creepy.
And I pinned a few more things.

And then more of my friends started pinning. 
And I learned about re-pinning.  And following.
And I pinned more and more.
And re-pinned.  And followed.

And now I find myself addicted.

And I'm SURE I can quit any time I want.
I don't pin at work, so it clearly isn't a problem.
I've gone DAYS without even thinking about it.
It's not like I installed the app on my phone.  (Ok...I don't have an i-phone, which is [currently] the only phone that has an app.)
And I've only tried to access it at a friend's house once.  And that was just because SHE wanted to see something I pinned.
And I haven't forced Darrell to sign up so I could have a secret Pinterest account...although that doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Ok....I'm an addict.

But hey...admitting I have a problem is the first step.

I saw that on a pin!

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