Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The chicken and the egg

I've told the story here of the time I tried to buy a 9-or-so-foot Christmas tree at the Costco only to find that it didn't fit in my car, so I had to return it (20 minutes after buying it and trying to stuff it in my car).  I ended up getting a gift card with the amount I paid for it so I could go back in the next day or so to pick up the same Christmas tree in a larger vehicle.  Only they sold out and I ended up buying a book case instead.

And, as I told you in the original story (linked in the word "here" above), we assembled the bookcase in our office.  Which is really just one of the bedrooms in our house.

That is much to small for such a large piece of furniture.

But it's too big to make two 90 degree corners to get out of the room and into the living room.

The only other room I can possibly imagine getting it into is the bathroom directly across the hall from the office.  And then that makes the logistics of using that bathroom much too difficult for my brain.

So.  Here's the issue.

We are planning on getting new flooring throughout the house in the next couple of months.

Which isn't a moment too soon.  You see, early in 2006, the pipe leading from the hot water heater to the kitchen sink sprung a leak in the concrete slab our house sits upon.  And we had to replace just about everything in the kitchen.

The cabinets.  Countertops. Tons of drywall.  Paint. 

But not flooring.

For some reason, even though it was damaged, it was not covered by our insurance.

But we intended to replace it, so when we remodeled, we didn't care too much that a few tiles had to be ripped out.  Or that the new cabinets occupied a smaller footprint than the old cabinets.  And we certainly didn't put down any kind of drop cloth to protect the floor from drywall texturizer or primer or paint.  And if we didn't protect it from those things, we certainly didn't clean up the messes left behind.

Because we were getting new flooring.

And yet, here it is.  The end of 2011 and we have that same crappy flooring.  Believe it or not, we've had other, more important things come up in the five and a half-ish years that the ugly, 6-inch, shiny white with blue striation, fake-marble, with thick light blue grout flooring has been put on the back burner.

We purchased some tile and grout a few months ago and are hoping to have it installed in the next couple of weeks.  Maybe even in time for my turn at hosting bookclub.  (Fingers crossed)

And, if we are getting new tile, we really also need new carpeting.  Because, to be honest, I hate my carpet now and haven't been as diligent in keeping it pretty either.  Don't fret.  I haven't completed a remodel using it as my drop cloth.  (I wish, though)

And so here it is.  What the heck am I going to do with the crazy huge bookcase?

Does it go through the window and into the garage?  Or does it hang out in the guest bathroom?

Gentle Reader, please help me out and leave a comment with your suggestion.  My thanks in advance!


Just Pam said...

If you put the bookcase in the bathroom, it will only be there for 2-3 days and you can use the other bathroom--like you already do.
If you REALLY need to use the guest bathroom for those few days, take it out through the bedroom window and store it in the garage.
It will be much harder getting it through the window. By the time you have hauled all the rest of your stuff out of all the rooms and closets, having it in the guest bathroom will be a minor inconvenience.
Good luck with the new flooring. Been there and done that. It will be soooooo nice!!!!!

Emily said...

I agree with mom on this one. Also, I'm glad you see the world as Mrs. Brady. I mean, replacing the flooring in one room means you need new flooring in the other rooms. Which means you'll need new paint, too. But then your furniture won't match the new flooring or paint, so you'll need new couches. And then the drapes will be an complete eyesore, so you'll need to replace those. My oh my! No wonder you've waited five (almost six) years!