Saturday, October 22, 2011

I have a little catch-up to do

Since I committed to posting every day in October and forgot a couple of times, I figure if I post 31 times in October, it's pretty much the same.

So, here is the second posting for today.

Darrell grew up in a Sam's Club family.

I grew up in a Costco family.

They say that mixed marriages are difficult, and I would have to agree.

Because no matter how much I try to understand the Sam's Club lifestyle, it's still Wal-Mart, and I just don't get those types of people.

And Darrell thinks I'm all hoity-toity since I'm a "Costco Snob."

When we started our marriage I had a Costco membership and Darrell had a Sam's Club membership.  We each added the other to our respective memberships.  I got a really crappy photo on my card (somehow the software squished my face and made me look deformed) and Darrell got an American Express Costco card. 

Awhile ago we decided we didn't need two memberships.  We had a snack-bar show-down and Costco won. 
And so, we have been a Costco family.  We go probably 3 out of every 4 weeks.  It many times is our "Date Night."  We window shop (or sometimes even buy stuff) and grab a bite to eat.  We know which nights to go to avoid the largest crowds.  We watch with delight as others take home a TV.  Employees ask US where items can be found.  Yeah.  I'm a Costco-ite and have converted Darrell.

Or so I thought.

A couple of weeks ago, he started talking about the glories of Sam's Club.  He would just casually mention his friend was at Sam's Club and had bought some thing great that they couldn't find at Costco.  He told me he heard Sam's Club offered trial memberships that were about the cost of a trip to a fast-food restaurant.  It was subtle, but little by little, he was wearing down my resistance.

And so, today he convinced me we should go...just to see what it's like.  He conveniently steered us through all the best parts...the TVs, the samples, the bakery.  You know, the places he knew he could get me.  And he almost had be convinced that we could be a two-warehouse club family.

Until I saw something I never would see in a Costco.

On a woman who was closer to 300 pounds than the model above is.

Needless to say for Darrell, we left and probably won't be back any time soon.


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Hahahaha. I'm a Costco-ite Snob too. ;)

Emily said...

hahaha! A snack bar show down!!