Monday, October 31, 2011

The really good thing about October...

is that there are only 31 days!

Can you imagine if there were more? 

I am about to die from over-blogging. 

I was asked today (hi, Jenni!) why I chose October to blog every day (or at least one posting per day of the month).  She told me that if I had been smart, I would have chosen February.  When it wasn't a leap year.

She's right.  But I often do silly things like over-commit myself.

I think I function best with a small amount of chaos.

Which is why I had 6 posts to write, rice to cook, 2 cakes to bake and ice, 8 halloween costumes to prepare (for my co-workers and I who weren't going to dress up otherwise), a kitchen to prep for tile demolition and installation, dinner to make, and a nap to take, all before going to bed tonight.

I'll be sort of relieved for November.  When I don't feel the pressure of anything but Thanksgiving.  You know.  The day that you eat the food in about 25 minutes that you've cooked for the previous 3 days.

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