Friday, October 28, 2011


So, I think after posting so many things recently about Darrell, I thought I should come clean and let you know the facts and fictions behind the man.

1-Darrell hates people.  This is a myth.  He doesn't hate people.  He is actually far better with people than I am.  He does, however, hate when people waste his time.

2-Darrell hates social situations.  This is both a myth and a reality.  He hates large social gatherings, but enjoys smaller events.  Ward Christmas Party?  Hater.  Small dinner party with 4 other couples?  Lover.

3-Darrell hates kids.  Myth.  He just isn't sure of what to do or say around them.  So he treats them like adults.  And they LOVE it and him.  But, too many kids at once is overload and he would rather be left alone.

4-Darrell is a curmudgeon.  Total fabrication.  The stories I tell sound far better if he is a grump, so I take what is called "Poetic License" to help the story.  Which makes Darrell come across a little like Oscar the Grouch.  Sorry!

5-Darrell is a trivia master.  True.  He beat me at our game of Trivial Pursuit last Saturday.  And he always beats me at the Sirius Radio Surfing Game.

6-Darrell cooks.  True.  He makes dinner for us most nights that we eat at home.  He is a master griller, killer pasta maker, and makes a mean quesadilla!  I may need to buy him a chef's hat someday.

So, as I relate stories about Darrell in the future, just remember that there may be more fiction than reality in the personality I portray.  Unless I'm saying how great he is, 'cause he really IS pretty terrific!


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! I love this post Steph. But, as wives...don't we all take a little literary license? I mean our stories would be so blah if our husbands were nice all the time. ;)

Just Pam said...

We sure are glad you found each other!!!!!

Emily said...

I can attest to his greatness. He has been a perfect addition to our family.