Monday, October 31, 2011

Shout outs

Hey!  Ho!  Hay!  Hoe!

I feel like Ricki Lake.

Just thought I'd do a few shout outs to people who make my little blog here feel worth it.

Thanks to my mom who reads this thing every day and comments on most days.  I know that you do because you like to, even though you also have to. 

Thanks to Ginger, for being one of the first and frequent commenters of the month.  I was beginning to think no one was reading until you commented.

Thanks to Linda, for also commenting.  And for reminding me that literary license is an important part of blogging.  I plan to keep it up.

Thanks to Emily, my sister, who also comments on this here blog.  Even if she compares me to Mrs. Brady.  But since she is a Brady-Bunch-ologist, I'm really not surprised.

A very special thanks goes out to Darrell.  Who lets me blog about him without too much complaint.  He really is a great guy and my life would be boring without him!

And thanks to all who read this little blog.  I'd really like to hear from more of you.  And just may get a shout out, too!

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